Badminton – Ideas and Games

If you can get your hands on a set of badminton racquets, some shuttlecocks, and a length of rope, then you have all you need to teach a couple of weeks of lessons.

Here are ten drills, games and ideas that you can use to teach badminton to your class.

Start simple – have the children bounce the shuttlecock off the racquet as many times as possible. You could set a timer and see who can keep it bouncing for a full minute etc. For older classes, you could challenge them to touch the racquet off the ground in between bounces.

Partner Pass
Grab a partner, and pass the shuttlecock without dropping it. Move further apart each time you complete five passes. Try getting the players to run from one end of the court to the other to vary this drill.

Badminton Golf
You will need a number of targets for this one – these could be hula hoops or even cones for older classes. Students hit the shuttlecock, and see how many shots it takes to reach the cone. See the video below to see what it looks like – the quality is awful though!

Put students into groups of six or seven. One student stands in the centre. He/she will pass to each student in turn, and the team will try to complete a full circle without letting the shuttlecock drop. The pattern is: middle student, player one, middle student, player two, etc etc.

Now you can progress on to using a net. If you happen to have badminton nets, lucky you! If not, tie a rope, or sports tape, from wall to wall, or basketball pole to basketball pole. Now you’ve made a net!

Bombs Away!
Put two teams either side of a net, and place an even number of shuttlecocks on each side. Kids must throw the shuttlecocks onto the other side of the net – whichever team has the least on their side when time is up, loses.

Up and Down

For this game, players face a partner across the net. They must hit the ball to their partner, sit/lie down on the ground, and stand up again in time to hit the next shot!

Long and Short Serves
Players work in groups of four to practice serving – see the video below.

Players go in groups of five/six. One player begins as the champion. They play a point against the challenger, starting with a serve. If the champion wins, they earn a point. If the challenger wins, they become the new champion.

One Racquet
This is a challenging game, for older classes. Players go in teams of five or six, but only have one racquet per team. Each team goes in a straight line. The first player hits the shuttlecock, and quickly turns to give the racquet to the next player, before running to the back of the line. The aim is to keep the rally going, or you can make it into a competitive game between the two teams.

Two on Two
Time to get serious. Put players with a partner, and have them play a match against another pair. Play first to ten points, win by two, starting with a serve. If the ball touches the ground, or you hit it out of bounds, you lose the point. Don’t forget to outline the court!

I hope you got some ideas from this post, and are considering giving badminton a try with your class. Let me know if you do over at @irishguyteaching on Instagram!

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