Physical Geography: Interactive Map Resources

Teaching the rivers, mountains and counties of Ireland has to be one of the dullest lessons of the year. It’s difficult to get kids from Dublin to care about which one is Longford and which is Leitrim, and I’d imagine it’s the same across the country (or world, for that matter!).

Thankfully, I came across these amazing online resources this year, which completely livened up the lessons. You can do them on the interactive whiteboard, and turn it into a competition for the best time, which livens up any classroom.

Seterra has the counties of Ireland, as well as the major physical geography for nearly all of the rest of the World. The record in my class so far is 44 seconds for a perfect score!

Ireland101 covers the lakes, rivers, mountains, islands and counties of Ireland.

Click the images below to go to the above-mentioned sites and test your knowledge!