Bácáil as Gaeilge!

This was a fun activity that I did with my fifth class for Seachtain na Gaeilge last week. They absolutely loved it, and I was delighted with how much of the Irish they had retained the following day.

I took a recipe for Blueberry muffins from the BBC website online, and translated it into Irish. I then taught the kids the vocabulary (caster sugar, melted butter, oven, mixture etc.), and had them fill out a cloze exercise of the directions the day before.

On the day, I split them into two groups (buachaillí in aghaidh cáilíní!), and set out all the materials before letting them at it. I stayed with the groups and got as much Irish out of themn as possible, but tried to let them do all the actual weighing and mixing themselves.

Although this lesson was a lot of fun and definitely a class favourite, it did take a lot of preparation. As well as the ingredients listed in the recipe, you’ll also need at least one weighing scales, mixing bowls, a sieve, muffin cases and tins, and access to an oven.

If you want to give this a try for Seachtain na Gaeilge, or maybe just to incorporate some fun into your Irish lessons, you can get the recipe template (English & Irish version) here. If you do try it, please let me know how you get on!

P.S. I gave this post a try as Gaeilge below – feel free to (kindly) correct aon bhotún! 🙂

Ceacht taitneamach ab ea an cheann seo, a rinne mé le mo rang an tseachtain seo caite. Bhain siad fíor-taitneamh as, agus bhí ionadh orm an méad Ghaeilge a d’fhoghlaim siad!

Fuair mé an oideas ar líne, agus d’aistrigh mé go Ghaeilge é. Mhúin mé na foclóir Ghaeilge do na páistí (siúcra mín, im leáite, oigheann, meascán srl.), agus ansin bhí orthu ‘cloze exercise’ a líonadh amach.

Ar an lá, chuir mé na buachaillí in aghaidh na cáilíní (dár ndóigh!), agus chuir mé amach tuille rudaí a bhí ag teastáil uathu. D’fhán mé leis na grúpaí, ag spreagadh Gaeilge labhartha, ach rinne mé mo dhícheall an chuid is mó den oibre a fhágáil chucu.

Cé go raibh an spraoi againn, bhí go leor obair le déanamh roimh ré, le comhábháir agus trealamh éagsúla a cheannach agus a bhailiú.

Má tá fonn ort an ceacht seo a triail, is féidir an templéid a d’úsáid mé a fháil ag an nasc seo. Inis dom cén chaoi a n-eiríonn leat!



Focail Leadóige:

Choose a topic (e.g. sports). Have two kids stand back to back, and name one sport at a time. The person to run out of words first (countdown from 10) loses!

Verb Race:

After teaching a particular verb tense, I split the class into teams, and have a verb race. They are given the infinitive, and one person from each time has to write the verb out on the whiteboard. The ‘most correct’ person wins, or if two people get it completely right, the first person finished.

Cluiche Kim:

I try not to use this too often, as it’s so overdone, but this is basically where you show a number of new words, take one away, and have the child say what you took. You can make this a lot easier for yourself by putting the words on a PowerPoint, putting it in ‘Slide Sorter’ view, and then deleting one or two at a time (Ctrl & Z to undo). I let the kids take over the computer after a few rounds.


Bingo is a great way to revise new words learned that week. With older classes, have them take a blank sheet and choose the words themselves from the board –  there’s no need to go making 30 separate sheets! You can input the words to a website like this one while they’re doing that and have it choose the words for you too – makes life a lot easier!