Fun Fact: I hated History in school! All I ever remember doing is reading a long passage about some person I’d never heard about, and then smashing out twenty comprehension questions for homework. I gave it up after the Junior Cert, and dreading having to teach it for my first teaching practice.

A couple of years later, I took a trip to Edinburgh and ended up on a walking tour with a guy called Greg. He was an incredibly gifted storyteller, and absolutely captivated my imagination, showing me how interesting and exciting history can be! I can now happily say that it’s my favourite subject to teach, and that I have a whole lot of methods at hand to make it more interesting for the kids in my class than it ever was for me.

My favourite methods include storytelling, timeline activities, Youtube videos, integrating drama, and of course, making fun of the textbooks!

These are the topics I’ve blogged about so far (I know it’s a short list right now, but watch this space!)